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My Journey

From the time I was a child, I have felt there was more to life than meets the eye. My mind was always open to possibilities and I yearned to learn about where we came from, why we’re here and what’s “out there”. I was naturally drawn to science fiction and what we consider to be paranormal (but really it’s closer to reality than most believe), it sparked my imagination and I felt a truth in it that I didn’t feel elsewhere. I attended church as a child and into my early adulthood, but I never felt fulfilled in a way that I should have, in the way others seemed to be. I believed in a higher power, but religion itself didn’t sit well with me. I began to consider myself “spiritual” rather than “religious”. Then my 30s rolled around and I was rocked to my core, everything I thought I had known was thrown into question. Once I was able to come back to myself and started to rebuild who I was (or thought I was), I started making time for me again. I was drawn back by the same feelings I had as a child, I became a seeker. I started to question everything and had a thirst for knowledge, the kind of knowledge that I knew was there but had to find for myself. This led to a spiritual awakening and meditation. Through meditation I was able to quiet everything around me and hear what was on the inside of my human shell - my soul. Through a series of incredible synchronicities, the universe and my Spirit Guides led me to a teacher, who became my mentor, friend and colleague. Through her teachings I was able to delve even deeper into the truths I had forgotten when I incarnated into this body. The separation between the two worlds began to thin, and I found that the skill of mediumship was there for anyone who had the desire to put in the time, the practice, and had the intention to serve Spirit to the best of their ability. As my mediumship continued to develop, it became evident that a healing modality would be very complimentary and I was led to reiki healing. After practicing the two for quite some time, I find that they are one in the same, both come from Spirit and I am simply the vessel or the channel that the energy moves through.  It really has nothing to do with me except for my desire to serve Spirit and leave a positive impact on people and our world. 
Much love. 

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